The Role of Supplements in Elite Athletes Written by Connor Carrick

The Role of Supplements in Elite Athletes Written by Connor Carrick

Why supplement as an athlete?

Proper sport specific training, uninterrupted sleep, and strength work are the big rocks that lead to athletic development. But, and this is a big but, to play travel teams sports is to leave the world of what is ideal, and to enter the world of "making the best with what is available."


To skate or train daily, sometimes twice daily, as a pro athlete is not supportive of psychological or physical recovery. With many meals provided by our teams, sometimes devoid of clean ingredients or nutrient density, supplements offer a sense of insurance. Supplements help recovery after a game where the physical demands were above and beyond normal, and I am too tired to chew.

Supplements are a commitment to my personal best, remembering to use
them is to train the discipline muscle and yet another step towards acknowledging that my talent deserves my absolute best.

Supplements are not a replacement for so many other “bigger rocks” for vibrant health. But this business is detail oriented, where performing, and then getting ready to do it again, is the job description. Would I rather get my vitamin D3 from the sun on a beach? Sure.

Doable when on the road for a game in Winnipeg in January where it’s -20 outside and we have morning skate, followed by meetings, breaks to eat, and then to come back to the rink again to play the game?

Not so. 

Do I wish every meal available to us pre and post game was veggie plentiful, grass fed, free range, wild caught etc etc etc? Of course. But where healthy fats are inaccessible, fish oil can help. When the vegetables are burnt to high  heaven, and the salad is inedible given the Soybean Oil dressing provided, multivitamins can offer a top off for essential nutrients.

When the eggs in the morning at team breakfast are gone because you play with some of the high volume eaters I have, Amino Acids can help maintain lean muscle mass.


Supplements are not to be obsessed over, in pursuit of some imaginary perfect plan to get ready to be my athletic best night in night out...but when I am looking for ways to become just one percent better each day, supplements can help with that. Take the best. Use them as directed. I trust Designs For Sport. It’s NSF. The products are well formulated for athletic demands. I’m always available for further questions or information via my social media channels.

Be your best today, and again tomorrow.
Connor Carrick

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