DFS Academy Presents

Considerations for Female Athletes & Clients

Dr. Nikole MacLellan, ND, RD, BSc, AHN

Female athletes
deserve better.

A “one-size-fits-all” approach no longer cuts it.

Considerations for Female Athletes and Clients provides an in-depth analysis of the issues that may or may not have been taken into consideration when working closely with women. By growing your understanding of female physiology, taking this course can empower you to interact with, and coach your female athletes and clients with authority and confidence, allowing you to optimize their performance, health and overall wellness. This course offers something to every level of practitioner, coach, trainer, sports dietitian and nutrition pro.

If you work with women, this course is for you.

Developed and hosted by Dr. Nikole MacLellan, this course is designed to expand coaches’ and trainers’ thought process when working with female athletes.


Who will benefit
from this course

We believe that this course could offer something to every level of practitioner, coach, or trainer. Some content will be out of scope for coaches and trainers but empowering and educating on these topics to the people who see these athletes and interact with them closely will support the athlete to get the interventions needed for their health and wellness.

In short, everyone can benefit from taking this course.

How you will benefit

Get online access to learning modules you can watch instantly and reference later

Gain a wealth of knowledge about the physiological considerations for female athletes

Gain the confidence and authority to communicate with your female clients

No additional textbooks or materials required

Grow your understanding of why/how certain training and nutrition tools impact females

Hone your skills in tailoring your coaching for customized results

What makes this course unique

This course is designed to expand your thought process when working with female athletes.

thought process when working with female athletes.

This is not a cookie cutter plan. Female physiology is cyclical and unique to each athlete depending on their training volume, current state of wellness and performance goals. Because there is not one-size-fits-all approach, coaches and practitioners will be armed with the understanding of the pain points and opportunities that female athletes face. In Considerations for Female Athletes and Clients course you will learn both the considerations and tools to supporting your athletes and clients along their training and wellness journey allowing for a integrative approach to helping them achieve their goals.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to better support your female athletes, understand their bodies, and gain the tools needed to optimize performance.

Turn knowledge into absolute results. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to learn the fundamentals, or a seasoned expert looking for a fresh take, Considerations for the Female Athlete with Dr. Nikole MacLellan, ND, will deliver you a deeper understanding of how you can better support your female athletes at any stage of their lives.


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