All Events: May 11-14

All Events: May 11-14


Level Up with David Lawrence

Level up your coaching skills, nutrition knowledge and business acumen.

Michigan Elite Training for Athletes (MECA)    |    Royal Oak, MI

MAY 11-13:

Day 1: General Physical Preparation and  Overview of the Training System

Overview of best practices to increase athletic performance through training, nutrition and lifestyle management. 
Flexibility  |   Joint Integrity  |   Body Composition  |   Nutrition  |   Lifestyle Management  

Day 2: Specific Physical Preparation

Hone in on your training knowledge. 
Top Training Methods for Increasing Strength   |   Olympic Weightlifting and Plyometrics   |   Nutrition and Supplementation Strategies to Support Strength   |   How to Structure Training Programs based on allocation of time 

Day 3: Transformation

Focus on producing Mindset and Body Composition Transformation. 
Methods for Peaking Athletes   |   Pre and Post Training Testing   |   In-Season Nutrition and Supplementation

MAY 14:

The Blueprint with David Lawrence

David Lawrence takes you behind the scenes of Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes. This is a chance for you to learn how he reached his goals by continuously changing one life at a time. Dave shares the key insights that changed his business forever and the impacts of shifting his business mentality.  

The Blueprint will teach you how David and the team at MECA grew revenue 42% annually over the last 10 years. David shares the building blocks that took his business to over 100 transformations, and grew his employee headcount from 1 to 46. 

How to scale your business   |   How to create and maintain a winning team of coaches   |   Mastering client retention and compliance   |   How to successfully integrate nutrition to support results and client retention   |   The importance of your business pillars   |   How to produce multiple income streams of revenue in your personal training business

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